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Why it is worth not to be afraid to discuss wishes with your partner

Why it is worth not to be afraid to discuss wishes with your partner
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After facing the partner’s unwillingness to talk about your desires, it’s important to understand that it’s quite possible to fix the situation. The main thing is to act, gradually taking steps in the right direction - albeit small ones.

To begin with, imagine the worst case scenario, to what, in your opinion, may lead to an attempt to talk about using swinger hookup site or other experiment. Surely, this scary one will turn out to be a complete misunderstanding of you by your soul mate, which will soon lead to a complete breakdown of your relationship.

However, if a conversation on such topics actually leads to parting, then perhaps it was just not your person? Indeed, a truly loving and loyal partner will definitely not leave you because of the simple fear of talking on any topic. If communication on the topics of experiments frightens first of all with possible awkwardness, then try to prepare suitable atmosphere for this, for example, watching a movie with explicit scenes together.

For this, such classic movies as “Nine ? Weeks” or “Basic Instinct” are quite suitable. A completely innocent discussion of their plot will inevitably affect the bed scenes, and this is almost the same talk about your desires that can easily be put in the right direction of your relationship. And it would seem that the taboo has been removed!

Role exchange as a way to understand each other's desires

There is another way to destroy the fear of communication on uncomfortable topics - this is an exchange of roles. If you can’t make up your mind to such conversations but constantly dominate the relationship, try to give the power to your partner - perhaps he will be able to do something that did not succeed in you easily and imperceptibly which will only benefit your relationship.

Who knows, maybe your desires will coincide and after the conversation you will already discuss together how to find swinger couples for your experiments?

By the way, often the taboo on talking about fantasies is a consequence of the stereotype that it’s not worth talking about it in principle. Thus, communication on such topics automatically becomes something wrong. However nothing wrong can happen in a relationship! They are an endless field for knowing each other, and any restrictions are simply useless here.

Finally, imagine that forbidden conversations for you are already a kind of experiment. Aren't you afraid to make love in the daytime and not at night? Aren't you afraid of the prospect of trying something new with your partner? Then do not be afraid to talk about it - because the main thing in a relationship is that it, with all its innumerable sides, brings pleasure to both partners. Any experiments here are only beneficial and the unwritten taboo on frank conversations can only add tension to a relationship or completely destroy it.

Share your fantasies with your loved ones and then they will open up in return!

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